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Job ref : TOOL 18-07-2018 - Toolpusher - Drilling

We are looking for a Toolpusher to work at one of our clients.

Your activities will be:

- Management of daily drilling operations, monitoring of the work process and management of possible problems
- Ensure all necessary equipment, resources and materials are present on the site
- Select, hire and control workers and ensure they have adequate training
- Scheduling of working time and rotations of team members
- Ensure that all health and safety rules are in place, such as the wearing of special protective clothing and the proper use of safety equipment
- Manage emergencies
- Liaison with representatives of oil companies who visit and inspect the oil site
- Perform or ensure that regular inspections of the platform are performed
- Provide assistance to other team members, such as Rig Director, for the proper operation of the platform


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