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Job ref : MHO-119-VEPM 11-01-2019 - VEPM Vessel FJC Operations readiness Engineer - Welding

NACE Lev 1 or 2 (appreciated)

Skills :
Knowledge of main Welding Techniques (GMAW, SAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW), familiar with Welding Procedures, welding equipment and consumables. Knowledge of Offshore environment and Pipe‐laying fundamentals (appreciated)

Mission and description of the Role:
- Interface with the Offshore Engineering function to receive information on the proposed FJC philosophy and technological cycles times in order to assist, ensure and optimize adequacy of proposed FJC solution onboard the Vessels maximizing the proposed production;
- Optimise FJC cycle times to match vessels and operations requirements;
- Participate to the minimization of the learning curve, the adequacy of the vessel productivity with the target one, propose any optimization with regards to FJC technological times and / or FJC set up etc.. and liaise accordingly with adequate departments contributing to the overall reduction of the FJC related installation costs;
- Assist with the preparation of the lay barge productivity documents liaising with areas operations managers and VOM;
- Follow‐up the FJC activities on the vessel in order to monitor the vessel productivity and support in case of any issue happening onboard with reference to vessel productivity;
- Lease with Asset to check and optimise the proposed budget of equipment, spare parts and consumables proposing possible synergies between bids and Projects associated to the target vessel;
- Develop the training and qualification plans for the operative resources associated (FJC Technology Engineers and Supervisors).

Job Location: 85% of the time: Vessels
15% of the time: Office ( all operative companies)


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