EP2C Energy has operational
experience  in over 50 countries and our
global reach is continually expanding.

EP2C Energy Headquarters

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Message from the management :

We proudly believe that EP2C Energy's excellent services distinguish us from the competition. We focus on high quality account
management, in-depth knowledge of markets and sectors, and the ability to share that knowledge throughout our company

EP2C Energy’s Board of Directors gathers the in-depth oil & gas industry experience of former senior managers.

Gilles Labrunie : Managing Director

He has held for ten years variety of positions in areas such Drilling and Production for Oil & Gas Companies ELF Petroleum (Total E&P), Perenco.

In 2006, he founded and was shareholder of Anotech Energy, a technical consultancy company, where he held the position of Managing Director of the company until 2013  and all its affiliates in the world.

Laurent FLACHARD : Operation Manager

He has more than 10 years experience in the offshore engineering and contractor sector, developing and delivering large scale projects within the Technip and Saipem companies.

Later in 2006, he joined Anotech Energy, just after it was set up, where he held the position of Deputy Managing Director until 2013, setting up and managing the main overseas subsidiaries of the company.

On the strength of their experience and having been party to recent changes and developments in the Technical Consultancy sector, they are keenly aware of the required business solutions.

It was then a logical step to setting up EP2C ENERGY to undertake a new business approach, focussing particularly on catering better to the expectations of clients and their employees.