EP2C Energy has operational
experience  in over 50 countries and our
global reach is continually expanding.

EP2C Energy Headquarters

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Message from the management :

We proudly believe that EP2C Energy's excellent services distinguish us from the competition. We focus on high quality account
management, in-depth knowledge of markets and sectors, and the ability to share that knowledge throughout our company

EP2C Energy recognizes the importance in planning the Health and Safety  of a project at the earliest possible stage, in order to avoid injuries and accident during the life of the project.

The EP2C Energy Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) Management System is a comprehensive program for managing Health & Safety in all aspects of EP2C Energy’s operations. The HSE Management System is in place for the purpose of ensuring :

  • All work practices and processes so that our employees are protected.
  • The safety of client personnel and other contractor colleagues.
  • Employee compliance and that of EP2C Energy, with laws and regulations.
  • Smooth and safe operations.